It’ s done! 

You’ve finally made the decision to work from home.

You’ve turned the spare room into your home office and picked the perfect décor.

You’ve pored over this decision for many months, and now you’re ready to never have to beat the peak hour traffic, ever again.

It’s time to announce your new business to the world (You keep buying the lotto tickets though, just in case). And, then you find that even working from home has its’ own set of unique challenges, including:

  • 17 Unannounced Visitors in a week.

The expectations of people around you have changed and visitors (especially family) find it difficult to treat that you are actually working, constantly interrupt your flow of work.

  • Working more Hours!

Where you imagined that your work hours were going to be less, you are finding that you are actually working more hours.

  • Overeating

Now that the refrigerator is 3 feet away, and you have no boss, you are eating and drinking to excess.  You no longer have to walk anywhere, if you don’t choose to, and as well as eating too much, your exercise routine has vanished.

Here are some of our TOP TIPS to help you navigate the working from home quagmire


In advance, make a point of telling your family and friends your “working” hours.  It sounds simple but a step all too often not taken by the novice.  They will respect, and secretly admire, you for it.  Closing your office door can be effective too.


Don’t let yourself off the hook.  Okay, so you are now your own boss, but this can be fraught with danger and often the problem is not, slacking off, but the opposite and working harder than you have ever worked before.  See your working hours.  Determine your break times.  Set schedules, as your boss would, and stick to them.  You will need to do this before the discussion with your family and friends as per above.


You are going to have to be more focussed, working for yourself, than you have ever had to be before in your life.  Keeping a food diary may work for some but making sure that you are not eating snacks just because you can is important. 

Now is the time to nourish your body with the correct nutrition that can be consumed easily and not cost you a million dollars, as you get yourself established.  Our go to is the miracle tree, a drink that can be mixed in a few seconds, and the perfect way to start the day.  It must be the right unique blend to ensure that all the unique compounds are present, as mother nature intended.  Most people don’t know that it’s the most nutritious plant on earth (ask Siri) – no wonder it’s called the Miracle Tree.

Others may know it as Drumstick tree, Horseradish tree, Mother’s Best Friend, Radish tree, or West Indian ben. 

When it comes to working from home, finding balance is truly the answer and maintaining a very positive mindset and outlook.  It’s easy to assume that the main reason for working from home is to never have to sit in traffic again on the commute to work.  But the best benefits of working from home have nothing to do with the commute, and much more to do with health. 

What do you think?