When we are born, we don’t come with a book of instructions and by going back to nature, we have been provided with what we need to function properly!

Amino Acids – what do they do?

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and protein is essential for all biological process.  Amino acids ensure that organs, glads, tendons, and blood vessels function to their full potential.  Proper healing of wounds and tissues, especially the bones, muscles and skin, rely on Amino Acids.  They are also important for the proper transport and storage of nutrients.

Why do we need a diet that includes Anti-Inflammatory Phytocompounds?

For our wounds to heal and our muscles to develop our body our body must have a healthy inflammatory response.  The Phytocompounds present in Moringa also help the removal of damaged cells and tissues, protection against infection and eliminates the initial cause of cellular injury.

Why does our body need antioxidants?

Our body is designed to combat free radicals with antioxidants.  When they donate an electron to the free radical it neutralises the harmful effects, thus stabilising the molecule.  Preventing the oxidation of other molecules in the body, Antioxidants are very powerful. 

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