We have the no. 1 Superfood Moringa oleifera.  From farm to mouth, raised without chemicals.

Moringa is enriched with both water and fat-soluble vitamins, it is an excellent source of the amino acids that our body craves, and it has rare phytocompounds that aid in promoting a healthier body.

There are many factors that make ZIJA’s MORINGA the only choice, and our Core Nutritionals containing the SEEDS OF THE TREE (and others do not) SETS US APART.

There are five key points that are critical in ensuring the highest possible quality of Moringa.

1) Species:

There are 13 different species of the Moringa genus, each specie differs widely in its nutritional content and value. Moringa oleifera, is claimed to be the most nutritiously dense through numerous scientific publications.

2) Sourcing:

Additionally, to Moringa oleifera being the most nutritiously dense of all the Moringa genus, Moringa oleifera’s nutritional value also depends on where it is grown, and when it is harvested. Several studies, including thesis work from prominent universities has shown this. Look for a company that sources their Moringa oleifera from India near the base of the Himalayas, numerous data points to this as the ideal location for maximizing Moringa’s nutritional impact.

3) Preparation:

There are several ways in preparing Moringa oleifera for consumption. The most nutritiously advantageous way is to shade dry the Moringa leaves, this helps to naturally preserve and enrich for Moringa’s inherent nutrition. The second, and much more common way, is to dry the Moringa in the sun. Though cheaper and quicker the ultra-violet radiation from the sun can crosslink the nutrients rendering them inert for physiological benefit.

4) Blend:

Moringa oleifera is a tree, and with that the nutritional power of the Moringa’s nutrition is found in different parts of the tree. For example, the leaves are enriched in amino acids, while the seeds are enriched in the essential fatty acids, and finally the fruit contains the powerful minerals critical for cell to cell communication. To maximize the nutritional power of Moringa oleifera, one must look to these three components.

5) Manufacturing:

Manufacturing can create havoc on natural products. It is often in this step that many natural botanicals lose their effectiveness. To overcome these challenges, one must look to a company whose manufacturing is NSF certified, thereby giving greater confidence that they are adhering to practices that allow for quality found throughout the manufacturing process.